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Why is car servicing important?

Whether your car is brand new or second hand, undertaking a service at regular intervals is incredibly important in order to maintain the health and condition of your vehicle.

A comprehensive service, conducted by trained and experienced professionals, will look at a huge number of components in your car, including oil and filter changes, replacing the air cleaner and fuel filter and having new spark plugs installed.

They will also check all your fluids, such as brake, ATF and anti-freeze, to make sure they are filled and of the appropriate mix and they will also thoroughly inspect the mechanics, your belts and the tread depth of your tyres.

The Pitt-Stop garage will produce a detailed report that will suggest any remedial work that should be undertaken or emergency repairs which need immediate attention.


Our servicing is carried out
under Manufacturers' warranty

This warranty is conducted through the '"Right2Choose" scheme.

We only use OE parts, Fuchs oil and are VAT registered.

We also offer Engine oil flush and fuel treatments (additional cost) to be done at time of your service.